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In which I become a small business …

Some peculiar things have happened to me over the last year. There have been strange meetings with exotic folk in outlandish spots. Furtive telephone calls. Outrageous claims – that’s the cv – and counter-claims – the rejection letters. But none … Continue reading

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In which I get out and about …

As my notice period has worn on and work dried up there’s been fewer reasons to leave home each day. Of course most of us are pretty fully focused on trying to sort out what happens next so having time … Continue reading

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In which I contemplate the year ahead …

For as long as I can remember in my professional life each January 1st found me without any great curiousity about the year to come. If you think the world will keep turning and keep its same old shape. If … Continue reading

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In which I revisit my little list …

This time of year always prompts some self-reflection. Pausing in the hallway between the old year behind us and the new one in front to do a quick self-check in any available mirror before moving on and out. So I’ve … Continue reading

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In which I get feedback and practise some self-denial …

Advent may seem like a strange season in which to start practicing self-denial. But, as part of my new cunning plan, I have introduced some greater discipline over my job-hunting. And it feels great … er, and terrifying. Everyone I … Continue reading

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In which a new week of ‘Operation Alternative Source of Income Seeking’ begins

Perhaps I’ve hung out with folks from the Blue Light and military services for too long but I routinely feel the need to ‘operationalise’ almost any task. There’s been Operation Heinz – shopping; Operation Total – fuelling the car; and, … Continue reading

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In which I fulminate about carpet-bagging …

*** UPDATE *** Things have got very strange with this story. Ms Harrison has visited the comments thread and left a comment. Patrick Butler has responded. Here’s his reply – For the record, as writer of the blog, I’d like … Continue reading

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In which I celebrate another unwanted milestone …

The inevitability of today arriving doesn’t make it any less unreal or unwanted. Today is the last day of the first half of my notice period. More simply, at the witching hour tonight I will begin the down slope which … Continue reading

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In which I reflect on what I learned yesterday …

Almost every day brings new experiences at the moment. Except, of course, the sensation of getting shortlisted for something. But yesterday was a particularly exciting day as I appeared (virtually – if that makes sense) as a panelist on The … Continue reading

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In which Cher helps me put the clocks back …

A lack of care on my part has meant much of my Sunday had an internal soundtrack provided by Cher. It’s my own fault. I got up to discover, of course, that all the household clocks needed to be put … Continue reading

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