In which a new week of ‘Operation Alternative Source of Income Seeking’ begins

Perhaps I’ve hung out with folks from the Blue Light and military services for too long but I routinely feel the need to ‘operationalise’ almost any task.

There’s been Operation Heinz – shopping; Operation Total – fuelling the car; and, of course, Operation Shovel – snow clearing.

So you will be unsurprised that Operation OASIS begins another week. As with any Operation there’s a pattern of activity that gives structure to the endeavour. There’s intelligence gathering – what jobs or opportunities might there be out there? There’s analysis – seeking a match between me and what might be available. There’s planning – organising myself to seize those new income streams. There’s implementation – the nuts and bolts of turning plans into actions. And there’s after action review – so what went wrong that time?

Each day of the week holds a special significance in all this activity. Sunday is no different. Today is Sunday Times appointments day.

Obviously I turn to the back of the disappointingly thin section this week  as that’s where Public Appointments start. A quick scan. What can I see …

Director, BBC Cymru – need to be a ‘recognised industry figure’ … dammo.

The Presidency of St John’s College, Oxford – following on from a knight of the realm? Unlikely, but I have watched Morse and Lewis.

Head of Lab Operations, Imperial College – does my chemistry ‘O’ level still count?

Chair of Monitor – £57k for a two-day week? Where do I sign up?

Pentathlon GB, Chief Executive – oh no, rugby isn’t one of the five disciplines.

There are some things I have squiggle question marks on but few that I think are interesting and match my skills or interests.

So this week I am going to introduce some variation into Operation OASIS.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


About redundantpublicservant

A redundant UK public servant looking for work, sharing his experiences and providing a space for others to do the same.
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2 Responses to In which a new week of ‘Operation Alternative Source of Income Seeking’ begins

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  2. As you’ve noticed the job market is very thin and will get thinner as we approach Christmas* – many are hoping for a new surge in January. Online is almost certainly better for looking than the print Sunday Times – even timesonline jobs will have more jobs than the print ST, as some are just advertised online but very few if any will only be in the print paper.

    *because in past years it was felt that not many people would be looking for jobs in the run up to Christmas – that may of course be different this year

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