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In which I might get to ask the questions …

I have had a happy morning sorting out a list of questions on starting up a business. I’ve got a couple of telephone conversations coming up with organisations that support budding entrepreneurs like me. Curiously as I was sorting my … Continue reading

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In which I recall the AC days of 2010 …

2010 PC – pre-coalition – may be a little blurred in my memory but the events After Coalition are seared into my consciousness with a vivid clarity which will be hard to lose. Seasoned folks in my organisation – and … Continue reading

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In which I celebrate another unwanted milestone …

The inevitability of today arriving doesn’t make it any less unreal or unwanted. Today is the last day of the first half of my notice period. More simply, at the witching hour tonight I will begin the down slope which … Continue reading

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In which I wonder if this is how the world ends not with a bang but a checklist …

I had a history picture book when I was a child. It was filled with tales of derring-do and blind courage (and stupidity) in the face of overwhelming odds. In it Beornoth was slaughtered on a point of honour by … Continue reading

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In which I learn there is more to CVs than I remember

So you’ve got the news that the egg-timer on your current job has been upended and the sands are pouring out. What next? I spoke early on to someone who had coached me for a while. Someone independent of the … Continue reading

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