The Page of Austerity

Welcome to the Page of Austerity. Blog readers and generally good eggs citizenr and Shirley have suggested that it might be useful to have a space for sharing money-saving hints and tips.

With an eye on our family finances too this seems like an excellent idea. I have started the ball rolling by putting up a couple of links to two of the sites I use: Martin Lewis’ Money Saver; and, Petrol Prices. Both have saved me money and I return to them a lot.

So if you have any tried and tested ways of stretching a meagre stipend let’s hear them.

5 Responses to The Page of Austerity

  1. Shirley says:

    My latest find a place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5. Bill Laio alerted me to this website and I am trying it out! A friend has just been commissioned to provide a 15 sec voice mail. I have offered a Skype conversation for people wanting to improve their English.

    Worth looking at for the entertainment value but I think that fiverr could potentially develop into an interesting online global marketplace

  2. citizenr says:

    Well, the least I can do is contribute! if you don’t already shop at a no frills supermarket, do so. About eighteen months ago we realised we were spending ridiculous amounts in one of the big high street stores. We started shopping in Lidl and tried each product. We bought one tin of beans and tried it, one packet of spaghetti etc. Those we liked we’ve been buying every since, those we didn’t we stopped buying. Our Italian teacher recommended the Italian goods like pasta and tomato products and she was right, they’re good. There isn’t much fresh meat and fish so we go elsewhere. We found that our local corner shop sells the cheapest milk and Hovis granary. It’s a faff to go to several places for the weekly shop but Mr R takes it on as a project. We make a list and stick to it. Boring but cheap and it’s good food. Try it but don’t forget your own bags!

    • Dear Citizenr,

      I too am a Lidl lover. As well as excellent value you never know what random piece of kit you’ll find in a basket. Electric guitar one week. Then a satellite dish. Or my favourite a selection of Scottish scenes captured by photograph and then blown up to an unfeasible size.

      Seriously though a few years back we used to do everything pretty much through Tesco. Then one Christmas for no really good reason that I recall Mrs RPS said, ‘Next year why don’t we avoid Tescos completely?’ So we did and never looked back. I do enjoy the hunting down of a good bargain.

      Best wishes


  3. If you are in the market for an IPad this Christmas Mrs RPS tells me that TK Maxx are knocking out the 16G Wireless one for £329.99 in some stores.

    Mrs RPS didn’t buy me one though. 😦

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