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In which I revisit my little list …

This time of year always prompts some self-reflection. Pausing in the hallway between the old year behind us and the new one in front to do a quick self-check in any available mirror before moving on and out. So I’ve … Continue reading

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In which making CVs doesn’t get much tougher than this …

I recently read a CV that made me very depressed. No, it wasn’t mine. It belonged to a bloke I shall call Dave. In four pages Dave succinctly set out why anyone not instantly giving him a job would end … Continue reading

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In which there is still no news from Kualur Lumpur…

A Private Function is a favourite film in the RPS household. It’s set in a snobbish small Yorkshire town at the start of the 1950s and features three of my great loves: vintage clothes; food; and, pigs. It also has … Continue reading

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