In which I revisit my little list …

This time of year always prompts some self-reflection. Pausing in the hallway between the old year behind us and the new one in front to do a quick self-check in any available mirror before moving on and out.

So I’ve been pondering too and putting together a little list of the things that I need to get sorted early in the New Year.

It’s still a case of Operation Alternative Source of Income Seeking but its component parts and their order need some re-working. It’s time for thinking before taking the action.

Here’s what’s in my first ten thoughts for starters:

  1. I need a much clearer sense of what my ‘proposition’ is. What talent, experience or knowledge would I bring to a new organisation or my own business? If I can’t answer that why would anyone employ me or engage my services.
  2. I need clarity about what I want to do (and why). I’ve already stopped waving at any job passing by that appears to be vaguely heading in a direction I want to take. But that’s not enough. I need to know where I want to get to.
  3. We need, as a family, to work out a way of living within a new set of means. That means a root and branch review of our financial position including mortgage and pension advice. We have to decide soon about whether we market our home as part of that planning.
  4. I need to be ready to take advantage of any income generation opportunities that come along. I’m assuming now that I’ll be without a salaried job for a little while (at least!). So I need to put together a company to handle the financial side of things – perhaps Sir Philip Green could offer some tax planning advice?
  5. I need to get some good advice on how to manage a business start-up so I’ll be harassing friends who have made that jump already. And I’ll be seeing what, if any, support is out there from organisations like Business Link.
  6. Mentioning link reminds me to do two things. First to tend my networks with care. Second to make sure that I keep my LinkedIn presence up to date both my profile and my membership of various groups under review. In some cases I need to start participating rather than observing.
  7. Soon I’ll no longer have the support of a big organisation behind me. So I need to work out what I will need to keep current with my particular niche. What subscriptions should I maintain? What comms and IT kit do I need? What’s the cheapest way to achieve all of this?
  8. I need to think about what, if any, training I might need. If there is a niche that I want to exploit what will help me do that? I’m probably a bit old to muck about with MBAs and that sort of thing but is there something out there that will update my skills in a relevant way?
  9. It would be easy to slip off the radar once I’m booted off the premises. So what local groups and networks are there that I can get involved with that will stop folks wondering, ‘Whatever happened to that RPS chap?’
  10. If I’m not working full-time I’ll also have a chance to see what, if any, scope there is for me to do my bit in The Big Society. What can I offer to local organisations?

I need to organise these and other thoughts into a coherent plan. The sands are now running pretty quickly out of my timer so I need to exploit every moment I have to get ready for launch.

Watch out 2011 … here I come.

About redundantpublicservant

A redundant UK public servant looking for work, sharing his experiences and providing a space for others to do the same.
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7 Responses to In which I revisit my little list …

  1. Mean Mr Mustard says:


    For number 8, I’d check out the OU prospectus –

    That could provide whatever particular new skills you need, around your other commitments, or full time work if (when) you find it.

    And for number 10, perhaps your local CAB need volunteers?

    They need quality people -and could give you a comprehensive grounding in domestic law, around the main enquiry areas of debt, benefits, housing, family, consumer and employment law. Of course, many folk’s problems simultaneously span several of these areas. Advice work is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a regular reminder that there are many out there in a far worse situation, however bad it might get for you personally.

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  3. Penny says:

    When I struck out on my own, Business Link was really helpful in sorting out the details – finding a reputable accountant and setting me up as a limited company. I’m sure I could have done it myself, but having someone in my corner when I was feeling a bit uncertain was a great help. Not sure what your specialism is, but if it’s communications based, Media Trust do a skills-matching service for comms professionals who want to offer professional advice to voluntary sector groups on a pro bono basis. Can be a good way of widening your network as well as keeping your skills up to date. NCVO run a directory of vol sector groups in need of Trustees which might also be worth a look. The very best of luck for 2011 – I hope you’ll keep blogging your experiences.

  4. Maggie says:

    I was thinking about what you say about your changing financial situation. You may already be aware of Martin Lewis’s website, I really recommend the forums on for helpful suggestions. The Old-Style money saving one is good on ways of cutting back and making do… And should you decide that you need to market your home you’ll find suggestions on how best to go about it on the House buying and selling forum. While not relevant to your needs, I was able to save considerably (over £100,000!) on IHT payable on my Parents’ estates thanks to suggestions from folks on MSE. (the solicitor named as joint Executor along with my husband wasn’t much use)

    My best wishes to you in your search for ongoing employment in the New Year.

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