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In which I expend days fettling a job application

In your search for work do not underestimate the time you will have to spend on tailoring your CV, writing personal statements and drafting covering letters. My first foray into the frenzied hunt that is the search for work came … Continue reading

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In which I reflect on hearing bad news

I have been thinking a lot about how we communicate bad news, prompted in part by the NHS Direct stories over this weekend. People always claim to be able to remember where they were when they heard that President Kennedy … Continue reading

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In which I go to see a recruitment consultant …

Being made redundant calls for constant psychological adjustments. You catch yourself planning for activities that will be happening when you are gone. You also become much more aware of language. In talking with colleagues who are not going you begin … Continue reading

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In which I learn there is more to CVs than I remember

So you’ve got the news that the egg-timer on your current job has been upended and the sands are pouring out. What next? I spoke early on to someone who had coached me for a while. Someone independent of the … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog

After years in the safe confines of public service I am having to adjust to not having a job. I am being made redundant. Very soon. To help me and, I hope, others get through this sort of experience I … Continue reading

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