In which I say cheerio …

I’ve been puzzling out the many effects of getting a job. On our family life and, of course, on the work I’ve been trying to do through this blog.

When I started I thought there was an untold story about the impact of deficit reduction on those of us caught in its frontline. I also thought that it might be helpful to share my experiences and to give readers a space in which to do the same. The blog has grown a little bit through time to signpost useful resources and I know that some HR specialists check in from time to time to hear about readers’ experiences of redundancy and recruitment.

I don’t feel comfortable continuing to write about redundancy now I am working again. But I also want to maintain a space for the signposting and sharing of resources that folks have said they have found useful.

So, I plan to maintain the site as a resource for people trying to deal with the impact of redundancy. I will not write a personal blog here but I may – if moved – continue to share what I bump into that’s relevant to the losing and the getting of employment.

I am also hoping to encourage some guest spots from folks I have bumped into whose opinions and thoughts have inspired me along the way.

The whole RPS clan feel very blessed to know that there has been such a warm and supportive following for us in our travails. It’s been great to know you’ve been there. And it would feel wrong somehow to pack up now just because I have found a job.

So, it’s not ‘goodbye’ and it’s not quite ‘business as usual’ either. But rather ‘cheerio’ for now …

Best wishes,

RPS and family

About redundantpublicservant

A redundant UK public servant looking for work, sharing his experiences and providing a space for others to do the same.
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10 Responses to In which I say cheerio …

  1. Peter Hros says:

    Great Idea to keep the blog going and give to other redundant folks voice. I will spread the word where I can so that you and content of your blog continue work on behalf of all redundant.
    Thank you
    Peter aka HRbeginner

  2. Doug shaw says:

    What a learning journey! Thanks for the generous sharing, reading the RPS clan’s work is useful. And (mostly) great fun. Happy trails.

  3. Mean Mr Mustard says:

    All the best RPS.

    Over and Out.


  4. TRM says:

    Congratulations on the job. Just read your blog and it’s got some great advice and links.

    I was made redundant in 2009 and also chronicled my search but have had 2 jobs subsequently but am now on the hunt again for something new. It’s really does make you question yourself and at times is hard to stay upbeat and positive.

  5. All the best, thanks for sharing. Some great writing in here, hope you find a new reason and purpose to continue blogging

  6. private sector worker says:

    You were unemployed for 5 days and in return pocketed a redundancy cheque?

    What exactly are you moaning about?

    • Roger White says:

      I think you missed the point psw – a redundancy payment is not a return for being unemployed for five days, or five years, it’s a payment for the length of time you’ve been employed in the job you’re losing. If you think the now ex-redundant public servant was a moaner you obviously didn’t understand his moving, inspiring, thoughtful, and ultimately successful story

  7. Maggie says:

    Good luck with the new job! My best wishes to you and your family.

  8. Baskers says:

    I hope all is well with you and the RPS family. So glad to hear that you’ve got a job fairly quickly.

    I’m waiting for my own “D-Day”. Should find out w/c the 28th March….

  9. A says:

    Hi RPS
    I realise you’ve moved on, but I kinda miss this forum.
    Soon I will be, like you once were, a “redundant” public sector worker. Not because the work I do no longer needs doing. Not because it’s obvious I’m useless and anyone else could do it better. Not because I demand the earth and a “gold-plated pension”, so it’s inevitable that the private sector will do it cheaper (albeit worse, often).
    No. It’s because of political dogma.
    But hey ho. I’ll survive.
    There will be lots of Mail and Telegraph readers (like those who seemingly begrudged you getting another job) queuing up to lambast me and my remaining public sector colleagues – rejoicing in my “redundancy” in these “times of austerity” (who caused that then?). But not appreciating its impact on those who still need what we did. Like their ageing parents, perhaps? Notwithstanding that the remaining public servants continue to:
    – teach the kids of the Mail/Telegraph readers who can’t afford “better”;
    – cure their gout; and
    – empty their bins;
    we all bear the brunt of their, and the Coalition’s, fury.
    They celebrate public sector “redundancies”, apparently oblivious to the fact that our public sector salaries purchased the goods that they produce.
    What goes around, comes around… I hope.
    Over and out RPS!

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