In which we say thank you yet again …

Sometime last night the blog past 50,000 hits.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has visited. The comments have been moving, motivational and hilarious. You’ve all been a great help to the RPS family during these strange and terrible months.

We just hope that, whatever your circumstances, you’ve found something useful here too.

Best wishes to you all,

RPS and family

About redundantpublicservant

A redundant UK public servant looking for work, sharing his experiences and providing a space for others to do the same.
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13 Responses to In which we say thank you yet again …

  1. notjarvis says:

    No, no no.

    You’ve got it all wrong.

    Thank you for providing an interesting and thought provoking read.

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  3. Doug Shaw says:

    Hey Mr RPS and the RPS clan. You rock. I bow down before your mighty pile of hits. That is impressive and an indicator of the lives your honesty, humour and insight is touching. Keep it going.

  4. Roger White says:

    Others have said it (here and on other posts) but what you’ve done is great. Someone who can start and sustain such a powerful and moving account at a time of life changing stress definitely will find a new life after the hard times.

  5. Claire says:

    Thank you so much Mr RPS.
    Your words have entertained, comforted and empathised with so many people. I look forward to reading you every day.
    Hoping your many talents land you something fabulous

  6. Cat says:

    Others have said it better than me, but as a long time lurker the way you have described your journey is nothing short of inspiring. You will no doubt go onto bigger and better things, and like so many others the public sector is a poorer place for losing you.

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