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In which I savour the language of rejection …

This post orginally appeared in Patrick Butler’s Cuts Blog on 10 November 2010 and appears here by kind permission of The Guardian. ________________________________________________ I am growing to appreciate the language of rejection. Sharing learning was why I started to blog about … Continue reading

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In which I muse about the kindness of others …

One of the features of my life over recent months has been the kindness that’s been shown to me and which I’ve witnessed around me. We don’t talk a lot about kindness as a virtue these days. Often I’ve heard … Continue reading

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In which there is still no news from Kualur Lumpur…

A Private Function is a favourite film in the RPS household. It’s set in a snobbish small Yorkshire town at the start of the 1950s and features three of my great loves: vintage clothes; food; and, pigs. It also has … Continue reading

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In which I get to grips with my exit questionnaire …

I posted a little while ago on the trials of being in HR during all this change and times of ‘difficult decisions’. (Have you ever noticed that when a politician or business leader uses the phrase ‘difficult decision’ it usually … Continue reading

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In which I worry about my pension, the Godfather and sheep …

Few topics invoke more rage in certain bits of the media than public sector pensions. In fact the term ‘public sector pensions’ is rarely used in some places without the prefix ‘gold-plated’. My situation has forced me to get to … Continue reading

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In which my days are numbered and my job-hunting gets professional …

Facing a hanging in the morning is one way of concentrating the mind. So is getting a redundancy notice from your employer. In an idle moment late last night I calculated my time left in my current seat and had … Continue reading

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In which I define things by what they are not and HR gets my sympathy …

A comment from Brightandsmiley on an earlier post reminded me of a former colleague’s invaluable method of ‘defining something by what it isn’t rather than by what it is’. His unerring skill in applying this rule made him simultaneously amusing … Continue reading

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In which I reflect (again!) on hearing bad news …

April may be the cruellest month but Friday is definitely now the cruellest day for public sector workers. Back in August I posted about the misery of finding out through the media that your employer and your job are suddenly at risk. Well today … Continue reading

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In which I learn there is more to CVs than I remember

So you’ve got the news that the egg-timer on your current job has been upended and the sands are pouring out. What next? I spoke early on to someone who had coached me for a while. Someone independent of the … Continue reading

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