In which there are five weeks left to go …

Another Monday morning comes round and finds me on one of my compulsory leave days contemplating the week ahead. Of course the great excitement is The Interview and I will be getting ready for that. I’m promised a case study and competency based interview. So that’s something to look forward to then. And, obviously, I’m intrigued by the results of the personality questionnaire.

But I’m also steadily working through my list of other tasks. I have a pile of material from Business Link on starting a business. I need to finish reading through that. I am also catching up with an old neighbour and long-standing freelancer to hear from him about making self-employment pay.

He’s promised me the details of his accountant who, apparently, has made paying tax a breeze. Largely, it seems through the slightly unexpected strategy of not paying much, if any, tax at all. Well, it works for some of our leading business figures.

As part of my plot to secure an income I am also meeting up with some old colleagues to see if there’s a way to work together. Our skills and areas of interest are pretty niche so we figure that there may be a market – including a private sector market – for what we do. We’ll see. But it feels better to be busy lashing together a raft from deck-loungers than to be clinging to the aft rail mesmerized by the icy waters of Redundancy inching ever closer. (Particularly if the soundtrack involves Celine Dion.)

On the self-help front I have managed to bag a place on an eBay trading course. It’s being offered for free through Business Link. It’s part of our strategy to de-clutter our lives ahead of thinking about marketing the house when Spring comes. Although the housing numbers – particularly mortgage approvals – now look so dire downsizing may be losing its possibilities as an option.

This is also the week when we need to take some final decisions on pension and personal finance planning. So it’s time to commune again with a financial advisor. We know we are luckier than many in having a pot of money to keep us going but it won’t last long even with the tips from this site’s Page of Austerity.

A for instance of the pressures ahead came over the weekend with the first quotes for car insurance renewal for our modest motor car. I never roll over a renewal anyway but even so we were quoted a 75% increase on the premium we paid last year. Quite when or how the RPS infants will afford a car and insure it heaven only knows.

Still, enough of my grumpy old man act. I can tell I am impressing no one.

You might not think it but I actually enjoy my Monday mornings these days. The weather has been a little kinder, the daylight a tad longer and my daffodils have begun to show themselves in the long-dormant flower beds. I’m not quite whistling zippedee do-dah but there are reasons a-plenty to be cheerful.

As ever, it could be worse, at least I don’t have to put up with knuckle-dragging representatives of homo nonsapiens footballensis providing a critique of my performance based on my reproductive organs.

Men … !

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A redundant UK public servant looking for work, sharing his experiences and providing a space for others to do the same.
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4 Responses to In which there are five weeks left to go …

  1. In 35 years of public service I had always assumed the idea was you paid the tax you owed, I am beginning to realise that maybe in the private sector the deal is somewhat different. I has a ‘bit of a discussion’ with an American friend as I did not understand this hooha about them not wanting proper health care. He was adamant he did not want to pay for it given – his figures – 50% of those working in the US do not pay a penny in taxes…..

  2. brightandsmiley says:

    From what I understand, the problem with dinosaurs is that they had a tiny little brain, as these prehistoric football pundits have so clearly demonstrated. So no worries there RPS, you’re well above their league. Or put another way, it’s like comparing the UEFA Champions League with Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.

    • Dear brightandsmiley,

      Well, I’m deeply appreciative of such thoroughly undeserved comments. I’ve always had the slightly odd notion that the only relevant qualification for a job was competence. It is interesting that the Sky action has been so decisive given the light ticking off a manager got for a similar set of statements around a year ago.

      Perhaps we are making progress on a geological timescale … roll on the end of the dinosaurs then.

      Best wishes


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