In which I talk about something really important (for once) …

The Broken of Britain – The Disabled Peoples’ Campaign – has invited people to take part in a Blogswarm. It’s a month before the consultation on proposed changes to the Disability Living Allowance ends on 14 February.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with you. You’re not disabled. No one in your family is disabled. You have no disabled friends or acquaintances.

But you are angry about your kids’ university fees. Furious about the changes to Housing Benefit. Depressed about rising prices. Teed off about a million and one inconveniences that make your life more stressful and less full of savour.

So why should you be at all bothered by some obscure consultation exercise on a bit of the welfare state that you never even knew existed. Try starting here in The Guardian from last week.

This piece and the growing noise around the #ombh hashtag on Twitter should wake all of us up. Here is a group of our fellow citizens telling us they believe the help they need to live will be taken from them.

By the way that’s ‘need to live’ in the sense of necessary for survival not in the sense of ‘how will I pay my cleaner without the child benefit?’

Maybe I am a relic and hopelessly old-fashioned but I was taught that any society claiming the status of being civilised needed to pass a series of tests. The chief of these being how it treated its most vulnerable members. Whatever The Big Society or The Good Society mean surely one thing each must stand for is a regard for the interests of those whose voices get hard to hear. They are drowned out by ill-informed prattle in the hunt for votes or pursuit of circulation and ratings.

Judging by some of the stories about the high-life of our disabled fellow citizens it’s a wonder there isn’t a black market in causing injuries sufficient to qualify for the munificent DLA.

I know it’s unusual in this era of principle (not evidence) based policy making but I have profound respect for and pay attention to the opinion of experts.

Here we have a community of experts – and who is more expert than those living with these challenges every day and every night – telling their fellow citizens that the proposed changes to DLA will ruin lives.

I don’t think it’s a political point to say that we should park our own concerns just for a little while and listen to what our fellow citizens are telling us.

We just might learn something important.

About redundantpublicservant

A redundant UK public servant looking for work, sharing his experiences and providing a space for others to do the same.
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8 Responses to In which I talk about something really important (for once) …

  1. Lex says:

    Well said and thanks!

  2. BendyGirl says:

    Thank you SO much for taking part in OMBH and this excellent post. Would it be ok to reproduce it linking back here on the main OMBH blog please?
    Best wishes and thanks again, BG Xx

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  4. Elaine says:

    It is nice to know some understand and care about our plight…thank you :o)

  5. Whose Shoes? says:

    Hi RPS

    I didn’t know what a “pingback” (above) was, but now I do! I’m still working out how a lot of this technical stuff works. Anyway, a “pingback” is a bit impersonal so I wanted to say thanks for another great blog and yes, this is “something really important” – not that the future of RPS Towers is less important, but you know what I mean.

    Thanks you for drawing attention to the fears people have about losing DLA and the powerful stories emerging about how “these difficult decisions” affect individuals and their families. Statistics lose the human side – blogs bring real issues alive. The #ombh campaign has gathered incredible momentum in a very short time and it is great if we can all do our bit in raising awareness.

    Best wishes

    • Dear Gill,

      Yes, I have been bemused by pingbacks too! I assumed that’s what happened when my daughters pulled my braces.

      You are absolutely right about #ombh and that sort of campaign is what the web was made for.

      Best wishes


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