In which I say thank you …

I started to write this blog because I didn’t think the story of the personal impact of deficit reduction on public servants was being heard. I also felt at a bit of a loss about how to deal with my own impending professional demise.

So I thought I would write about my experiences hoping that anyone in a similar position bumping into the blog would get a bit of comfort and maybe some benefit from hearing about my job hunting trials.

Yesterday the blog past 21,000 views. I’m staggered.

So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited the blog or followed me on twitter. Your kind words and encouragement mean an awful lot not just to me but to Mrs RPS and the bloomin’ kids.

I’m going to keep blogging and maybe I’ll be able to get on to talking about interview preparation if I ever get shortlisted.

Speaking of which the postie just delivered another, ‘ … and after some difficult deliberations … ‘ rejection.

So it’s time to get some feedback, hunker down and up my game.

In the meantime I am going to tidy up this site a bit to make it more useful for anyone looking for the people and sites I’ve referenced so far.

I also obviously have some CV tweaking to do so have a great Saturday.

And thank you again.

Best wishes



About redundantpublicservant

A redundant UK public servant looking for work, sharing his experiences and providing a space for others to do the same.
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3 Responses to In which I say thank you …

  1. Mean Mr Mustard says:

    No, Thank You, RPS.

    For proving by your example here that there is much talent and commitment in the Public Sector – soon to be lost for good. I blame the criminals inside the banks and the clueless politicos. And a special curse on all the right-wing hacks for scapegoating fat cat deskpolishing civil servants with their gold plated pensions. Pensions based on a typical 17k salary…

    Still, best to plan some kind of future, rather than look back in anger.

  2. localgov says:

    We second the reflected thanks – this blog (and by extension yourthoughts and work) has provided some real inspiration and hope for those of us approaching similar times. Just knowing that there is someone else out there who is sharing what they are going through has made it easier to identify those feelings within ourselves and to not feel so guilty about feeling bad, confused, angry or otherwise.

    In fact, I even sent links to some of your posts to my own wife, as I’ve found it difficult to express what I’m feeling to her; she read them and simply gave me a hug, which meant more than any amount of conversations could.

    So, if it helps, I’m sending my own hug to you – keep going!

    • Dear localgov,

      Mrs RPS has just seen your comment and promised to deliver your hug for you when I get in.

      Thank you so much for this touching comment. It means a lot to know that I might be doing something useful.

      I hope things turn out well.

      All the best


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